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    Hey guys.
    Have not been around lately but thought I would invite anyone who might be going to the SEMA show in Vegas to stop by and say hey!
    We will be there as always and I'll be working the tig booth again this year.
    Only a couple more trips left this year and we are DONE!!! It's been a long year. I suspect next year won't be as bad since they will be cutting my out of town trips which is good so I can spend some good quality time here instead!
    Hope to see some of you there!


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    Hey Andy I was the young guy to talk to about hard arc starting. Thanks for the help; I'll give it a try on Monday. Wish I could have talked to everyone, but my boss had a tight schedule and I had to keep up. What was the deal with Lincoln and them having one of Miller's machine all apart. I guess when your the best they have to compare themselves to you. Congrats on the killer both. Andy is a really cool guy and was more then willing to help.

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      Not sure if it was you, but I spoke to a young guy at one of the TiG stations about the Pulser and Sequencer on my Syncrowave 250. He was very helpful. I don't know how you guys keep the show schedule you have, since I see you at AWS/Fabtech, SEMA, PRI, NSRA, etc. and I know there's a whole bunch of others too. It's great for the customers, but it must cost you guys a bundle.


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        Hey guys.
        Thanks for stopping at the booth. There were quite a few that I talked with that use this forum plus it's always nice to meet the people that spend time here.
        Those Vegas shows always drag me out coming from the East Coast, my internal time clock is always messed up. I wouldn't mind it one bit if they said don't come back here
        Just got back from the last NASCAR race this year YEA!
        Now get the PRI show and one more budget meeting at the factory out of the way and I'm home free for the next 2 months.

        If anyone plans on coming to PRI, look me up. I'll also have my Miller Sprint Cup COT car on display.