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My rig was stolen

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  • My rig was stolen

    Guys i am pleading for you to keep an eye out for my welding rig. It was stolen on September 30 at approx 2 a.m to right in front of my hotel room door while staying at the Outlook motor hotel along highway 16 adjacent to Sherwood Park Alberta. It is a 2006 ford 350 superduty. Has 37 13-50 20 inch toyo mud terrains 20 " diamo 8 karat rims with a 5" exhaust and 6 " tip at end.Has new led lights in rear and rear airride. It also has a set of bushwackers on it and on the front windshield at the top in big bold writing it says GO FOR BROKE. Has a new westin bully bar on it with 2 pia lights on it. hood scoop on the hood too. On the driver side and passenger side rear windows it had an animated B and in writing Nelson welding and oilfield services ltd. All windows were tinted black. It had the full chrome package with stainless tow hooks and a 6" procomp lift kit. In the rear i had a Lincoln ranger 305 with about 350 hours on it. I had painted it grey. Had 4 sherlyn aluminum reels and the tool boxes were black with aluminum doors. bottles mounted side by side on drivers side box for oxy acetylene. I had tons of things inside like radar gps sattelite radio mp3 player. My list goes on when it comes to the tools inside the tool boxes. I put everything i have into this truck and made alot of family sacrifices with a a wife 2 kids and one on the way. I was working steady with it being fairly new to getting my name out there and some ****ing ******* stole it from me because he somehow felt it would benifit him. I am sure its parted out by now but if any of you rig welders or hand welders see this truck or a truck you think may have been altered a bit thats mine please call me in saskatchewan at 1306827 7499. There is an all points bulletin out for it but i need more help.

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    Sorry to hear about your truck, I hate fuc*ing thieves. Do you have any pictures you could post of it? That's a pretty good description but pictures help a lot more. I'm sure I won't see it down here but pictures may help some of the guys a bit closer to you.
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      Bad news, the truck will probably show up though less the cables.
      Residents where the truck is now just haven't reported it yet.

      These Ford trucks are REALLY easy to steal! Thieves usually go through your back slider window to avoid the alarm system, Pop the outer lock ring off on the ignition and with just a gentle pull, the ignition switch comes free. a screw driver starts it up and off they go and that disarms the Alarm. (The ford ignition cylinder is held in with a small needle bearing.)

      I had to work on my 2003 Ford f350 super cab and pull the ignition, and thought to myself "Boy my truck could be stolen soooooo easy in less than the time typing this one sentence.

      Doesnt help you now, what I did is block in the back slider with a headache rack If they try to get in by breaking the window, or slim jimming the lock, the alarm goes off.

      The chevs 91-2002 have a simular problem as all you need is to knock off that ring and use a shaved down chev key, wiggle it around and off you go.

      I've had trucks ripped off before, cops told me the thieves secrets.

      If you need to go back to work, I've got a 305G sitting here you can use.

      As a repair guy I'm all over Edmonton and Sherwood park, I need a picture of the truck, I'll forward it to my other tech buds.
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        Sounds like a nice truck, sounds like the machinery wasn't the prize but rather the truck and its trimmings. Sorry to say you will never see it in that condition again probably stripped.

        That is the reason, that most welding truck are simplistic and functional, not overly glitzy.

        Hope the insurance can help you, survive this,



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          nfinch86-CANADIAN WELDOR :

          miller 101; BAD NEWS MAN !!! I HOPE YOU FIND IT SOON & in one Piece; I agree with Posting Pictures. Hang The Basterds. Norm in Ontario, Can.


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            Picture of stolen welding rig.

            Here is a picture of my rig last seen at the outlook motor hotel on highway 16 on Sept 30th between the hours of 2 am and 4 am. This hotel is not the nicest place to lay your'e head but at the time it cost me alot more to stay there in the end.If anyone is familiar with the place its right by sherwood park alberta. The keys arent chipped in the 350 superdutys. The 08 models are and the 150's are but not mine.So please if anyone hears any gossip about this truck or sees something that looks familiar call me or the police or if you think you may know of any chop shops around that area.It has put my company outta business with 2 kids a wife and 1 on the way. This has really hurt me alot just starting out.
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              Stolen welding rig sherwood park alberta

              More pics of my rig.
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                one last pic of stolen rig.

                the last one
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                  Sorry to here about your rig. Hopefully they find it soon.
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                    Sorry for your luck.

                    I'll keep an eye out for it up here in the North.

                    I have an older Ranger 250 w/ cables & wraps etc, and a brand new Victor Journeyman II rig (75' hose total) still in the box if it will help you out for a while.

                    Fingers crossed - Hopin' for the best.

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                      That sucks!!!
                      I'll put the word out here in S'toon and keep my eyes peeled.
                      Good luck.
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                        I'd be willing to bet that it'll show up near Westaskiwin, thats where the last ones have been showing up. I can help to a point with a 305G and remote.
                        I don't have any cables fore it though, as I merely lend it out while I fix there engine drive, however I can get better cable prices than anyone in Alberta.-