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where can I find TIG weld instructional info

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  • where can I find TIG weld instructional info

    IM making decent strength welds with my miller tig but Im surely in need of more info and practice to get them looking a bit better, Im not in the market for, or in the finacial possiability of upgrading my old miller 330 amp tig yet
    so any links to basic tig instruction might help and be appreciated

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    At the top of this page, on the resources tab, improving your skills.
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      thanks, I don,t know how I overlooked that


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        Read everything you can on the Miller site, there's a bunch of stuff that's easy to over look so study the main age and the links in the sub pages carefully..

        here's one of my favorites as well
        Dynasty 200DX
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          Dynasty 200 DX
          Millermatic 175
          Spectrum 375
          All kinds of Smith OA gear


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            Covell DVD

            The Covell video covers basic technique and gotchas very well in it's 80 minutes.... recently bought a copy as a gift for a beginner friend..(as well as the lincoln square wave tig 175 that i really did not need). I have been tig welding for a very very long time... and was impressed by what was covered in such a short time..
            Hope this helps

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                this is the download page for the Miller TIG book.
                its the same book that comes in the student package ( package price $25) its covers a lot for inverters and transformers. i got the package, well spent $25
                thanks for the help
                hope i helped
                feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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                  Welding videos and instructions

                  try this