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    I"ve made some aluminum mounts on a few cars in the past (mainly hi-po 4 and 6 cyl apps) And one thing that tends to be prevelant in all of them is the "ovaling" of the main bolt hole on your standard type of mounts where the main bolt joins the 2 pieces together.

    If possible use either steel or some 7075 inserted as a "sleeve" for the main bolt to keep it from ovaling and make sure it runs the full length of the bolt. Basically you would be using the steel/7075 in place of where teh rubber isolater is with it's sleeve for the main bolt to help the mount last longer.

    I would agree with most others about staying away from AL for motor mounts, Personally i would use some stainless on them unless you area dead set on AL. 6061 and 3105 are going to be your only heat treatable and weldable alloys if you do go with AL

    An engine plate of 6061 + 2 mounts towards teh rear would probably be the optimal setup IMO.
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      Nope, just did the conforti chip, a few things to the intake and exhaust, pretty much replaced the whole suspension with racing stuff (including lower rear end gears), and shaved a lot of excess weight. SCCA wouldn't let me run in anything but modified class. So I just drove the heck out of it on the street.

      I'm not sure what I would think of the 4.4L in that small of a car. It's pretty potent in the 4000# 540. I'd love to get my hands on a M5 version of my car, I don't really care for the new ones styling. Right now I just have eibach anti-sway's and 40 series 18" rubber. I'm torn between replacing the shocks and springs and just cutting a coil or two off the stock springs. I like the ride quality, but I'd like it to be a little lower and not so squishy in corners.
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        Smooth delivery or violent delivery, I still wouldnt use aluminum. The last Pontiac 455 I built had a habit of destroying mounts. we solved that by bolting a chain to the front of the cyl head, and leaving about 1/2 " of slack in it. My point is this though, I saw the aluminum mounts on a few "fast" cars and if there is one place that I would spend a few extra pounds it is on the mounts. I agree that the 7075 machined mounts would be tough, but have you priced a chunk of that lately? You could make 10 sets of mounts in half the time out of stainless for 1/3 the price. And you cannot just reheat the 6061 to get the strength back, it is a delicate controlled process, that involves pre-heating and time @ precise temperature.
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