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Making a Fuel cell.

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    ps that was from a mini yota truck doin fourty... as for the bottom.... it will have a minimum 3/16 steel skid it will be FINE. i do not see tabs to mount on my cell... i dont see the chassi splittin it up from the flex... it will be strapped! it is perfectly strong. the baffles act like gussets. drive over and punch it.... if it makes the smallest dent ill redo it


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      Thanks, point well taken. I see I have lived an insulated life in the road racing world where cells and tanks are cells and tanks.

      JMHO: I think a cell, in drag racing anyway, has an aircraft style filler and a vent that will not leak when upside down, tanks just hold gas but don't meet the upside down requirements.
      You bring up a good point about construction though.... I know a lot of guys that have built their own cell to fit a particular spot in their racecar. I plan to build mine also, since I can't seem to find a factory built unit to fit like I'd like. As far as I know the only thing tech checks is the filler & vent. (correct me if that's wrong). You would think SFI would mandate an approved cell that met certain construction requirements. (FOR ALL RACECARS, NOT JUST THE PROS) The kind of requirements that can only be checked during construction since, once assembled who knows if they are really built/welded correctly to handle a crash. Maybe there haven't been enough home made cells split open in crashes to warrant an SFI fuel cell for all classes?
      Just thinking out loud.


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        cool, looks like a fun project.
        thanks for the help
        hope i helped
        feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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