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  • Oops

    Kind of a Motorsports topic

    He escaped out the passenger door
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    Musta been my neighbor's kid! Looks like something Squanto would do!

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      OOOOCH !!!
      ya think he was at the bank to make a payment on that thing ???
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
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        Nah, probably getting a loan for fuel.
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          I know a guy who took a car trailer through a bank drive thru.

          Needless to say he had to back it out.

          They don't fit.
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            I think that will buff right out....
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              My wife took a 3/4T 4X4 into a parking ramp. It would have been ok except for the tall topper we have. She said she was being careful because the chains drug across the top of the cab when she went in. She couldnt back out but got turned around and went out the entrance. All it did was flatten the vent door on the roof. Lucky me. I showed her the video...She said to F off.
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                It's like watching a train wreck. Can't turn away and have to watch it several times to take it all in. The structure just crushes the truck. He's very lucky to be alive!
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                  That is insanely impressive. I mean that rig knocked down a **** building. Thanks, that made my day.
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                    Puts a new meaning of knocking over a bank.Its easy to forget that we pull taller than normal objects behind us. I hope an investigation will pursue in the structural integrity of the structure,I feel it was less than adequately constructed.
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                      So this means I can I weld 1/2" plate with my 90 amp china welder??
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                        Insurance renewal time is going to be very painful.
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