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taking cover off dynasty

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  • taking cover off dynasty

    would there be any problems doing this ? not that i am going to do it, but i like to see the internals of things. and "maybe" i will see a potential problem. and perhaps clean it out. i don't think i have any warranty left on it.

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    Which Dynasty is it

    if you indend to take the cover off, I could supply you some preventative maintanance pointers.


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      Cruizer, I think Jess has a 200DX


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        Originally posted by Leons2003 View Post
        Cruizer, I think Jess has a 200DX
        I get to work on lots of those as well

        The brass nuts on the backs of the output studs that hold the voltage feedback wires tend to loosen off, best to tighten them and use a locktite to hold them into place. (This will cause an erratic weld if left loose)

        The input strain relief on the primary going into the machine tends to over tighten the primary cable to such a degree that it breaks the cable. We've been replacing this with a metal sleeved version 3/4 x 3/4" rubber sleeved strain relief

        Right side lower center black (Hall device) tends to move around, we've been either opening the base and retightening it, or a quicker approach is to simply apply RTV to it and to the heat sink it is attached to.

        Other than that, lightly tap the 2 upper boards into the mother base board to make sure they are seated firmly.


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          thanx Leon

          yes, i have a dynasty 200dx..

          so, you say that i will not trip some kind of self destructive device inside ?

          output studs. those are where the working cables , - & +, connect to the front of the machine ?

          i will check the strain relief. does this happen on machines that are very mobil, or all machines ? my machine doesn't move around much.

          i will check the Hall device.

          i will check all connections.

          thanx a ton. anythink else ?