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  • notching and fitting

    hello everybody
    it happens that when i notch and fit tubing 4130N they don`t come out 100% perfect. could i go for one more pass when i tig weld to refill the gap and make stronger welding? thanks a lot

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    When welding Tube, as a rule, I keep the joints tight enough that I can't stick the filler I am using into the gap. Filling a poorly fit joint with multiple passes will not make a strong weld. Take your time and practice making good tight joints before breaking out the TIG torch.
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      Get some notching templates if you are doing your fitups by hand. The key to a good fit is your skill in cutting. Templates give you a big hand up.

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        The skill in cage work is in fitting as much as welding. I have spent an hour or more on one tube end fitting tweeking, refitting tweeking refitting on complex ends with more than one intersection. Other times first cut drops in like it was moulded to the other tube.
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          thanks for your advices ,my friends
          i will keep doing til they get perfect