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  • question for Andy

    hello from italy Andy,
    i`m going for chrome moly 4130N 1 5/8" .95 and .83 for roll cage on a rock crawler rig. using ER70S2 1/16 and 3/32 tung. around 90 110 amps. how should i set the pulser control on my dynasty 200 dx ? PPS PEAK t BKGND A ?
    or am i yhinking wrong?
    my best regards, fabio

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    The settings I use on my Dynasty 200DX for tubing are:

    85-95 Peak Amps
    30% Background Amps
    60% at Peak
    100-150 PPS

    You can start with these on some practice pieces. When changing parameters, change only one at a time so you can see how a change in each parameter effects the bead or puddle.
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      thanks for your setting info


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        Sorry I missed your question.. I was actually on a VACATION!!

        Anyway... The pulser settings that Shamrock gave you are pretty good and are usually modified by the users needs, beed look and travel speed.
        At the PPS that he gives, the bead will show real tight pulse lines. If you want to use the pulser more for a timer to add filler, your setting will have to be around .8 to 1.2 PPS and add filler when the pulse goes high and move the puddle when on the low side. I find that at 60% peak and 30% BKGD on .095 tubing, you may have to set your main amps a little higher. If you are using a foot control or other remote amp control, don't be affraid to st the main amps higher and fine tune by remote.

        Another biggie for me would be to use the ER80S-D2 filler. It will better match the strength and elongation % of the 4130.

        Good luck and have fun!



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          thank you Andy and i hope that your vacation was great


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            Vacation was great.... I can't remember the last week long vacation we took.
            Took the motorhome up to Mountain Wi to visit family.
            Hard to get back in the groove though



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              I usually have to go back to work to rest from the vacation.
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