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Welding heavy plate

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    A sales rep could be eying up the customer and be steering him in a direction of course, stick is dead in some spots. Wire is so much more common and affordable in small shops, I could do most all my work with wire and did, I use a little stick now again and a little portable or just cause its convenient at times but the workhorse is wire.


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      That be a troublesome spot. When the Salesman wants to sell you something, anything. As in the picture below, I wish I had brought along the flux core for the back side of the floor but would stick with 7018 for the frog.

      I saw some 26 foot pontoons that were AL wire feed together by robot no doubt, but alas some small spots were TIG'ed. Figured it leaked there. Beware the traveling salesman.
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        Well a lot of salesman are terrible, some are so bad at so many levels, a big point is they dont listen or they try to make it like they are doing some big favor. Many do not value add by nature of expertise or evaluation and are ill prepared.