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flux core mig welding wire

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  • flux core mig welding wire

    I am going to rebuild 2 utility trailers. I will be using flux core wire because it is windy outside where I will be working.I am wondering what size of welding wire would be best suited in my Millermatic 175 welder. I have bought .035 wire , but was told that I should not be using any more than .030 wire because of the output of that small welder.
    I would appreciate the input of the Discussion Forum on this.
    I am fairly new to mig welding.:

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    Either .035" or .030" is very fine for what you have in mind. The MM175 is small for a 240V machine, but it is still a 240V machine with plenty of power for either of those wires.

    If you are repairing thin tubing, say 16-ga. wall thickness, it will be slightly easier with the .030" wire, but still doable with the .035".

    Keep us posted!

    Perhaps I should add that I've personally owned and used a MM175 for several years with dozens of spools of both wire sizes.
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      at my job we have a roll of .045 in our MM175 and it works just fine. It welds 1/4" steel at the recomended setting with out any problems.
      Welders do it hotter!!