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MM210/Spoolmate 3035 Welding Auminum

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  • MM210/Spoolmate 3035 Welding Auminum

    Been a while since I have been here and now we are getting ready to weld up some AL projects.

    Spoolmate 3035

    I have some .035 AL wire and a full tank of Argon gas.
    I am keen to the fact that AL needs to be squeaky clean for good welds.
    We will be welding AL from 1/8" to 1/4" in thickness.

    I have the stock regulators / meters that came with my welder and was wondering if there is an ideal flow rate?

    Is it possible to have too much gas flowing?

    Is the .035 wire OK, or would I be better off with .030 considering the other equipment?

    Any easy 'quickie' ways to clean the metal immediately before welding it up?

    All hints, tricks, and ideas will be appreciated.


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    The .035 wire will be fine for that. Remember always push the gun with aluminum. As for cleaning, a good small stainless brush dedicated to your aluminum work is great followed by a wipe of acetone. There are some good aluminum cleaners on the market (check with your dealer as to which type they carry) but unless your aluminum is pretty fowled up, just ss brush, wipe and weld.

    Good luck


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      Good to see your name on the tube! Glad all is well.

      Aluminum GMAW ain't nearly as sensitive as GTAW for clean. I use just what Andy described - a stainless brush and a quick wipe with acetone on a clean cloth.

      Remember to speed up your travel as the weldment gets hot! On the 1/8" stuff, you really gotta fly!

      ...from the Gadget Garage
      Millermatic 210 w/3035, BWE
      Handler 210 w/DP3035
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