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Wire dragging /coated with rust

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  • Wire dragging /coated with rust

    My Miller 210 wire is dragging a little now and then.The wire has a sight coating of rust on it.I put one of those pads with the oil on the wire .Is there anything I can spray on the wire to keep it from rusting.

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    I would either replace the liner inside the gun lead or at least ,clean it by blowing air through it.the rust will cause the drag on the wire to get worse over time.
    I have not seen any sprays that will help.
    If the wire is old ,it may be bad also.
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      It's not really worth it. The sprays gather dust and still clog the liners. Best to just get a new roll of wire or spool off by hand until you get beyond the rust areas.



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        I've had that problem with wire that gets a little rusty. Sits for awhile and gets condensation on it. Next building will be insulated. If you don't use the MIG much take the wire in the house. My garage attached to the house is insulated and doesnt "sweat" near as much as the metal building does.
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          best to just rool off the rusty part, then take it in if it sits a lot. last time i had the problem i did not have to wind off much, but watch out for spring tention unwinding it for you, once it goes spoing, its a mess.
          thanks for the help
          hope i helped
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