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making a trans cross member ?

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  • making a trans cross member ?

    hello all.

    i have a 97 s10. i am putting long tube headers on it. the stock trans cross member will not correctly handle the drivers side pipe. so i am going to make a new cross member. i have some 1"ish .125" ish (i have the messure it) square pipe. i want the cross memeber to go over the exhaust. so a straight piece will not do it. i'm going to be over the pipe and under the trans, a good amount of fab'n going on. my question, do you think this pipe will handle it, and any tips ? thanx

    pics later

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    we used 1/4 box tubing 2x2 on a 10 second big block car and it holds up
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      I used 2x2x3/16 square tubing on a '57 chevy pickup with a 327/4spd
      Easy and cheap, and it looks nice too!


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        Summit sells a generic trans crossmember and it's a fairly small pc of tube, so you probably don't need much.



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          i personally wouldnt use anything smaller than 2x2 3/16, ive made three different tranny xmembers for toyota trucks to get rid of the big xmember that hangs below the frame, havent had a problem with it.


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            guys, i have been checking threads about making a trans crossmember for my toyota truck. i wanted to know how did it go?
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              I have used 1 1/4" .120 wall round tubing before, no problems 11.90 3400# El Camino . Darrell