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thanks Andy and Miller

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  • thanks Andy and Miller

    just a quick note to say thanks for the calendar got it this week it is great
    Miller is the only company I have come across on all the welding forums I'm a member of that will send stuff to Australia
    thanks agains guys great good I don't post here alot but I visit nearly everyday

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    i never get a calendar
    my daddy always said i was IRONHEADED....
    feel free to P/M me


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      I got mine a week or so ago. Better late than never.

      It's a really nice full size calender too, not a mini one like magazines give out.

      Thanks to all who were involved.
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        what do i got to do to get one???
        my daddy always said i was IRONHEADED....
        feel free to P/M me


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          i never got one either!

          First of all a Big Thank You Miller for the cool lisence plate you sent as a scratch n' win sweepstakes draw prize! It is mounted in my the back window if my truck and rivals my buddies truck who has a collection of John deer lisence plates.. we always joke "a deer is great untill a miller has to come and save the day"

          But Anyways... i aswell did not recieve my highly anticipated copy of the Miller calender, which i must say was very disapointing. Infact i beleive i had filled out and sent in the application within 15 minutes of recieving it in thourgh email back in early janurary or late december i beleive it was.
          That being said i'd still like one, if someone from the department that handles that could pm me it would be greatly appreciated.
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            MAN you people suck!!!!!
            it this some kind of conspiracy against me
            i never get anything
            my daddy always said i was IRONHEADED....
            feel free to P/M me


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              Dear Miller,
              thank you SOOOO much for the Dynasty 350DX that I won at the lws for a door prize. Nice of you to donate so many wonderful free prizes!!! My wife won the 200DX and my uncle won the Syn 350.
              thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!
              I'm not late...
              I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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                I just got two calanders and three sheets of stickers, way cool.


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                  not just you, welderman23, i didn't get no calender or anything either...or my luck i'll get it in the mail about November


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                    well at least i got the 2008 catalog
                    my daddy always said i was IRONHEADED....
                    feel free to P/M me


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                      hey dont feel bad man i enter 4 every thing i see and it never goes my way. no calender, or anything else i got the last 2008 catalog at my lws thats as good as it gets 4 me too.
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