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    Originally posted by trstek View Post
    What do you think of this outfit?

    Aluminum airplane, continental engine...

    Cool kit!!!
    Now if they made that kit in china we could save $500..........


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      Originally posted by Aerometalworker View Post
      Hmmmm babysit, maybe we should send their own toys back to them.....or is that chemical warfare?
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        Originally posted by mikeswelding View Post
        There are actually 2 broad catagories of Chinese products and not all of them are bad.

        The first is products designed and made in China. These tend to be the POS's we encounter.

        The second is products made in China but for U.S. companies to U.S. specs.
        There is one more category

        3rd shift stuff. US company contracts a chinese co to build a product. The factory runs 2 shifts building said product. then the 3rd shift comes in. they build the same product, sometimes with cheaper parts sometimes not. but they are able to sell the same item for a lot less since they have no marketing or R&D costs. sometimes they sell a black market item that looks the same, sometimes it is a knock off brand, like Panasonic/Panasornic. This is quite prevelant in electronics.

        If you've had electronics fail, particularly computers, you may have fallen victim to the capacitor plague. Cheap Chinese counterfit capacitors. You can fix it easily yourself for a few bucks.
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          A friend of mine bought a cheap chineese quad for his daughter used it a couple times and sold it to me.

          It no longer has rear brakes and trying to get them seems to be impossible but other than that it has been surprisingly a good quad.

          However the first time it needs a major part that I cant make it will be junked
          The next one will be a japaneese or polaris.


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            I bought 3 chinese angle grinders and when i turned it on,it vibrated like crazy so i just let it spin with no load on it and after 1 minute smoke started to pour out so i just let it run some more and then fire came out and it died.The other 2 did the exact same thing.Also bought a chinese generator and when you hooked up the built in battery charger,the wires melted and caught fire!!!!!JUNK,JUNK,JUNK.I actually sent an email with pics to their embassy here in canada and told them that they should be ashamed to let this junk out of their country,I didnt get a reply.
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              I would steer clear of any of these Chinese manufactured bikes or quads. A neighbor of mine was bragging one day because he bought 2 quads and 2 dirt bikes for about what I spent on one quad. I told him that you get what you pay for and he disagreed. Over the last 8 months I have had to fabricate and rebuild components for these because he can't get the OEM parts for them. He is constantly complaining how much it is costing him to keep them running. His argument is that because he didn't pay as much for his he shouldn't have to pay as much to have them repaired. I tried to explain to him that shop rates are shop rates no matter what he paid for the bike. I don't think he would recommend these bikes/quads to anyone. Mike.


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                I wouldn't recommend buying anything that came out of China. I too have had experience with Chinese tools that turned out to be pure junk. I've even hurt myself a few times when they broke, which really pissed me off and I would imagine almost every Chinese tool builder's ears were burning cause I was calling them every name I could think of. I also had a friend that bought a little Chinese quad thinkin he was getting a good deal. He's had to rebuild **** near everything on it and has wound up with more money in it now than he would have had in buying a good American built machine. I'm very leery of anything that has a Made in China tag on it. Whatever happened to the days when American people bought American products made by American workers in American factories to support the American economy...maybe it's just me but I sure as **** see something wrong with this picture!
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                  Someone mentioned something about China is a non engineer copying nation, rice ox-cart.....

                  Do you know people in china make around $150 US dollar a month? This is the reason why china product is low quality. Surplus of labor and unskilled labor.

                  The country is more advance than you think. Go there and see it for yourself before you make racist comments. Don't worry, if you don't speak Chinese, they can speak English. Or maybe you're offended they copy your language too.


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                    Lots of good stuff made in China by skilled craftsmen too. I have a toaster story about shopping quality and the priciest isnt always the best. The first post says it all, I bought a cheap piece of junk. What do you expect was a good answer. Americans made some junk too. Wernt afraid to stick it to the customers rear when they had the chance. I dont blame China.


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                      its more our own fault for excepting all the crap on the market. turning every thing into expendable. its cheaper to buy a new weed eater than have the one you have fixed. so thats what every one dose and it just keeps the flow of cr ap flowing as we go along with it. the more we buy junk, the more they think its ok and keep making it. we need quality options but have to be willing to pay for quality. if we stop buying cr ap, they will stop making it. supply and demand. every one wants cheap, so they get and accept cr ap.
                      thanks for the help
                      hope i helped
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                        Originally posted by fun4now View Post
                        if we stop buying cr ap, they will stop making it. supply and demand. every one wants cheap, so they get and accept cr ap.
                        Very true.

                        Back to ATVs, my son's friends have two chink ATVs and have rode them to death with no real troubles at all. So my wife got him one and it has been going well for a year now.

                        Would I rather have American? you bet...But, Polaris $2300.00 Sunl $600.00 you do the math.
                        The R&D story doesn't cut it for me on miniature copies of full size models.


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                          The worst part about chinese junk is that the manufaturers are largely anonymous. If you could call and complain, they wouldn't give a **** anyhow since we are anonymouse to them too, they would just smile and nod. I go out of my way to NOT buy chinese. If i can't get it american made i'll look at something made in another country. Ultimately the fault lies with our own corrupt or stupid politicians and our own cheapness and ignorance.
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                            you kind of know what to expect when you buy something made in China, but
                            what fries me is when you buy something like a supposedly high end Ingersoll Rand die grinder and it has a sticker on it ( after getting it out of the box) that states "Made in China by Ingersoll Rand" and has two of the tinyest most worthless collet wrenches you will ever see.
                            At least if you get a China Atv with a China brand, you expect it to be Chinese and Chinese quality


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                              Originally posted by c57u View Post
                              The country is more advance than you think. Go there and see it for yourself before you make racist comments. Don't worry, if you don't speak Chinese, they can speak English. Or maybe you're offended they copy your language too.
                              Been there several times, and nobody, and I mean nobody other than the goverment supplied interpreters speak a word of English.


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                                Chinese products = junk for the most part. Like my Grandfather used to say "When you buy quality you only cry once." It's sad to see companies that make high quality products getting put out of business by this Chinese garbage so I buy American whenever possible.
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