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Air compressor piping

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    That explanation sounds more along the lines that i remember. One of the factors that affects the gas flowing through the orifice is the fact that it is compressible, which fluids aren't. The velocity will increase as the air moves through the orifice too then slow again as it enters the larger pipe. I cannot explain it as well as above but both of these factors affect why it works differently for air.
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      Most home shops only have one air using device running at a time. size for the largest device. If you find that the tool works well when you first hit the trigger or valve and then very quickly drops off in power or flow you have a choke point in the system. a choke point that is close to the tool will make the tool sluggish one that is far from the tool will make it start out with power but drop off. For home shops 1/2 copper pipe feeds plenty of flow at standard pressures over standard distances. My 24X 30 shop uses a remote compressor and in shop regulator and desiccant based air dryer. All the piping is in 1/2 and my impact gun hits hard without drop off and the media blast cabinet works well.

      Put you system together as best as you can and see if it works well. If not trouble shoot and correct.
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        Just make a hand coil and run it acroos the floor Or run it all in hydraulic hose....

        There are lots of ways to run an air line, At work its all in galvinized, my shop I have it ran in hydraulic hose to 2 different reels. honestly in my dads shop he has CPVC and its ran in the ceiling, out of the work place. It can't be hit by anything up there. and Its hooked to several different air hose reels mounted in the ceiling through out the shop. May not be the "proper" way but has been there forever. I made him up a 1/2" hydraulic hose to run from the compressor up to the ceiling, then its CPVC all the way to the first hose reel

        The plastic airbrake line might be an idea
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