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Where Are The Old Threads?

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  • Where Are The Old Threads?

    Where are the old threads?
    Are they archived somewhere?
    Bob Kraemer/Licensed Electrical Contractor

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    South Bend Lathe
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    Tennsmith Shear
    Beverly Throatless Shear
    JD/2 Bead roller
    O/A Torch
    Drill Press
    Grinders, Belt Sander Etc!
    And more hand tools than I know what to do with

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    All of the old motorsports threads are listed under the welding discussions heading and the projects are still listed as the projects forum. This is supposed to be for new motorsports related threads only. DAve
    If necessity is the Mother of Invention, I must be the Father of Desperation!

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    Another racing great gone but not to be forgotten.


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      Put your mouse up above in the right side of your screen on industries and interests and when the menu pops up look at the bottom where it says "discussion forums" and click on that...then bookmark it and you should be good to go. It did'nt work for me like they said but that's how I found it
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      Miller 225 Thunderbolt (my first machine bought new 1980)
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